Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pass The Glue

I love working with my college buds. I think I miss it so much that the first title I had in mind for this blog was "Pass The Glue". Thinking it over, it started to sound like a scrapbooking club or something that has to do with working with other artsy people. The things I'll feature here won't always be collabs so I scrapped the idea. Working in groups gives more benefits for me. Questions like, "Is the color to bright?" and "Is my font too small?" can take so much of my time when I try to figure it out alone. Truly, we are designed to share life with othersGen. 2:18. 
I had the best classmates in college. They're the best critics, they tell me what's nice or what's wrong with my work and vice versa... the best thing? We do that without drama. Kung balbon, balbon! Walang paligoy-ligoy. 


In english, hairy.
In Ma'am Rita's language, ugly, slouchy work

Ma'am Rita, like all of our professors in college, taught us that no good design comes out of 'I don't want to hurt your feelings' type of critiques. Listening to others is essential to (design) growth. I think that kind of upbringing we got from our 'parents' at the university made us good partners and encouragers of each other. From 'rakets' when were young...

Sorry, Sir Mel! This is the only picture that has you in it!
..business ventures after college..

..to the wedding of our very own, Iona (aka Mama Ions) ^_^
...and recently, the wedding of Iona's brother, Zen and her beautiful wife, Khea. (Pictures are on the next post)
Being based in different areas, we have all gone in separate ways. We got friends living from north to south. Working apart from them is also a blessing, I'm sure they would agree on this too. There are things you won't learn in your 'comfort zone'... but I feel that in no time we'll all be back to work together again. And it won't be too long 'til we hear "pass the greccooo!" :)

Thank you Jinel, Boombee and Andrea for the pictures.


  1. you graduated college for a bout half a decade. you really missed college life. :) emo! lol

  2. Nice pics! But I am curious to see here in this page wedding images of Lona’s brother & his gorgeous wife so that I can experience their wedding because I love to do that. Please tell ‘Lona’; which wedding location venue, you have chosen for their wedding?