Monday, April 22, 2013

Paint Splashed Wedding

Now is the best time to be wed. No, not because of the sunny weather. This isn't an indecent proposal either... lol. Now is the time when colors have entered the wedding scene. We have said goodbye to the white-only motif... and hello to yellow, mint and gold to name a few. An array of wedding themes have blossomed too. Rustic, nautical, shabby chic, retro, vintage and the list goes on. Same goes with invitations, as they are getting crazier by the minute as more personality and style are infused by adventurous couples of today.
Here's another project c/o The Goldfish Pool. Design and layout by moi, with loads of help/critique/encouragement from mother Abba. Lol. Fun times. ^_^
Monogram created by the bride. ^_^
Main invite
Lovin' the map. <3

Looking forward to more projects! Visit

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Mini Luggage #1

Inspired by an old friend's miniatures and a friend's love for travel, I created my first mini luggage. 

I used the plastic case of a deck of cards.
Beach party inside!
Mini bikini, sun hat, lotion, shades and passport. And mini buntings! 
The shades were made with paper clip and the bikini with fabric tape.
Had to put last minute details on the passport with a metallic pen.
I enjoyed making it and very happy that my friend, Belle, loved it too. Hope to make some more soon. :)

Thanks to Lene Dee Dragon for the inspiration and Abba for the fabric tapes. :)