Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love in many folds

February came with much love and excitement. Zen & Khea were united on February 2, 2013. Zen is the brother and only sibling of my college friend, Iona. On the previous post, I showed you the table centerpiece we made for the wedding of Iona and her beau, Ed. Three years later, it was Zen's turn, and I was fortunate to become part of it. Japanese orchestra was the theme, Khea is a musician and a teacher and Zen...was named Zen hahaha, that should explain it.

I was tasked to make a sample of an origami (I always have to Google the right spelling for this..)  boutonniere. Origami has long been my hobby, one of my first loves in art. I share this interest with my college friends thus the birth of Washi Wear (which was also on the previous post). Sadly, we had to stop production, but plans of reviving it is still there. Going back to the boutonnieres, making tiny ones took a lot of time so Iona chose to go for bigger ones (see Zen's boutonniere). During the bridal shower, she was helped by Khea's sister, Jam (my new found soulmate, because both of us wants a Tarzan themed wedding) and Atty. Cha (the maid "of your honor", as Boombee would call her). I wish I could post a picture but I can't find one, but I can assure you that no Magic Mike was harmed during the shower. Lol.
Photo by Emprez Rivera
There were lots of things unique in their wedding. The bouquet, for one, is the bride's violin adorned with flowers. The couple's term of endearment is 'hunny bunny' so they requested for bunnies instead of flowers for their bridal car. And voila! With styro balls, rubber foam, ribbons, wire, and a bit of elbow grease, I made the bunny couple on a swing surrounded with sakura branches and origami cranes.
Photo by Vito Arnel Villanueva
I wish Boombee was there during the cramming day, but she had to do the laundry (haha..too much information ba, Boom?) But she came on the wedding day, of course! She's the make up artist! Boom's Beauty and The Bee has been buzzing for quite some time now and I was happy to see her in action.
A lot of manpower was needed that day, and we didn't run out of it. Both families' nanay, tatay, ate, kuya, tito, tita, cousins and friends contributed to the celebration. Witnessing the union of not only the man and the woman but more so their entire families was a wonderful experience. It was a reminder that a wedding can't be measured by the beauty of the decors, the length of the buffet table, nor the number of beads on her gown, but the love of two people, so great it joined two families and strangers together. (Wow. This ended too mushy.. lol)

Thank you Iona, Emprez and Khea for the pictures!


  1. You're welcome Chad and more power to your business! We are so thankful for your help during our wedding. :)
    -Zen and Khea

    1. God bless you Khea and Zen! Can't wait to blog about Sushi's 1st birthday! ;) Tama ba? Sushi na ang name? Nakakagutom -_-