Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I had made a handful of wedding items before but nothing as special as crafting for my own sisters' weddings. The first half of this year was filled with beautiful surprises. Two of my sisters and their partners decided to marry just months apart. The wedding-loving girl in me was of course thrilled but the short prep time almost drove me insane. My best friends are doing their wedding preps too and they allocated a year for wedding preps. A year!! So I was like, "Seriously?? Y'all getting married just months apart?" But it didn't turned out so bad because one of them had a simple civil wedding so they just had me design there e-invite.

They wanted their love story in one picture.

It was our eldest sister's wedding that took a lot of elbow grease. It was a garden wedding and navy blue and pink was the theme. As much as I wanted to customize everything (and I mean everything) we trimmed the list down to items I can manage to do. I had bigger dreams though, we had to trim down along the way or else I'll be cramming something minutes before the wedding... a thought my youngest sister loves making fun of. So here are the artworks created in celebration for those beautiful occasions. Hope you'll love them too. :)

Printed by Happy Prints
Welcome sign
Moss covered ring pillow
Moss covered Coin Pillow 
Seat plan
Menu card
Menu card

Place cards
Wish cards, cage and sign
Photo layout
Cake topper

Cheers to weddings and marriages! 

Credits to 4i Photovid for the wonderful photos.

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